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Information from Animal Meetings

Animal project information.

Pen setup, draw, and selection presentation is below.


Pen Setup, Draw, Selection, and First Week Roni Sadler 10/5/2017 397 KB
Rabbit Presentation Roni Sadler 9/14/2017 11847 KB
Swine Presentation Roni Sadler 9/14/2017 7363 KB
Lamb/Goat/Poultry Roni Sadler 9/20/2017 2877 KB
Swine Supplies Roni Sadler 9/14/2017 260 KB
Goat Supplies Roni Sadler 9/14/2017 296 KB
Steer Information Sheet Roni Sadler 2/8/2017 14 KB
Steer Meeting Presentation Roni Sadler 2/8/2017 3790 KB



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