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Other Livestock Shows
Cy-Fair FFA recommends that our members participate in the CFISD Livestock Show.  We do however realize there are many more opportunities for students in the livestock showing world.

The approved livestock shows that we will participate in and field trip students for on the show day are Harris County Fair (HCF) and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) 

Any absences that happen during participation other than the actual date of the show will be the responsibility of the student, such as absences due to check in or preparation. Absences for other major shows or prospect shows will also be the responsibility of the student.

Due to rules and regulations of both HCF and HLSR, we have set policies in place in order to get out information to students in a timely and organized manner.

Harris County Fair 
Students wishing to participate in HCF must notify the Ag. Teachers for their desire to show a project no later than May 1 of the show year.  Poultry must be ordered by the HCF deadline, usually the 1st of May. All swine, lambs and goats must be on feed by July 31.  Students are responsible for keeping track of validation dates posted on the HCF website. 

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Students wishing to participate in HLSR must notify the Ag Teachers no later than September 1 of the school year. 
Steers must be on feed by May of the previous school year, Lambs and Goats must be on feed by August of the school year and swine must be on feed by Oct 15 of the school year.  Deadlines posted on HLSR's website are final deadlines and Ag Teachers will set deadlines in accordance with their schedules in order to make sure all tag orders and paperwork is processed correctly.  Any missed deadlines will result in loss of eligibility to participate at HLSR. 

Although these shows are available to our students, all students wishing to raise animals for shows other than the CFISD Livestock Show must have a place to keep animals other than the CFISD Ag Science Center. 


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